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Org/ My brother stared at me in disbelief. He watched as I really took out the PS13 and started playing, muttering, “Odd… When did Sis start to like fighting games? ” After experimenting for over two hours as “Chun Li”, I confidently returned to Second Life, planning to begin leveling up like mad. Heh heh, just you wait, you stupid brother. I’ll outlevel you soon and we’ll see if you still dare to laugh at me! Time to go and cook some wolves – ah, no, kill some wolves, I mean… However, just as I was about to pass through the western gate, I was suddenly given a solid cuff on the head and began to see stars.

The NPC uncle proceeded to elaborate. “For your weapon, you get to choose from daggers, dao, 16 rapiers, broadswords, axes, etc. Fate alone will decide whether you get something good or something lousy. “There are a total of ten abilities you can choose from. ” I mused. ” The NPC uncle looked puzzled. ” Even though I felt more comfortable with a chopping knife…for the sake of my beautiful image, I decided to forego my own preference and picked a dao instead. “A dao-wielding elf sure is a rare sight.

What sort of situation is this? My head was nearly bursting with questions. “Listen up. ” Lolidragon, knowing that I hadn’t so much as looked at the official website, began to explain in detail. “A hidden GM is generally no different from a regular player, except that we have an important task: We are to report any shortcomings in the game – player complaints, bugs etc. – during the course of our gameplay. ” I protested. In that case, wouldn’t all the top players be hidden GMs? “As if. ” Lolidragon swatted my head again.

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1 2 Prince vol. 1 by Yu Wo

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