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The principle of her doing this is only to let others see you pre-selected. As soon as she has been noticed with you then she can leave you to it. Both a wingman and a female friend counteract a lot of blocks. The girl will have around her a protective shield. You could see her with her sister or a brother; a family friend; a protective male friend who looks out for her. By coming along showing you have social value gives you a none-threatening vibe. If you don‟t have the luxury of having a female friend or a wingman, then your job at controlling possible interrupts will be a bit harder- but this is why you learn seduction.

She can easily forget you. com A „MODERN MAN LIVING‟ GUIDE TO SEDUCTION PART FIVE: HANDLING INTERRUPTS AND RESISTANCE Seduction should primarily be straight forward. You attract her; she attracts you; you take the lead and escalate- game, set, match. There would be the odd occasion of playing hard to get, but overall it would be simple. You never see animals writing into magazines, “I have issues with my relationship. I screwed the neighbourhood dog and the bitch on my patch is a bit upset about it”- Nature just gets on with it.

To lower her resistance to responsibility- Be the one who takes the lead, and initiate a scenario indirectly. 2. HER RESISTANCE TO KINO ESCALATION USING COMPLIANCE AND PUSH-PULL TO TEST COMFORT Touching is very intimate and personal. Obviously every girl will have a strong resistance to having her body touched by just ANY guy. She will only allow the ones who she feels comfortable with to escalate touch. ” or a brush off. And no guy wants a brush off. It‟s so uncomfortable trying to hold a girls hand only to have her pull it away.

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