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A. Wiley. (1984). AnaLysis of OrdinaL CategoricaL Data. New York: Agresti. A .. Chuang. C. & Kezouh. A. (1986). Order-Restricted Parameters in Association Models for Contingency Tables. mitted for publication. Score Sub- Chuang. C. (1982). Empirical Bayes Methods for a Two-Way Multiplicative-Interaction Model. Comm. Statist. All. 2977-2989. Dixon. J. (1979). BMDP Statistical University of California Press. SoFtware. Los Angeles. CA: Dohrenwend. P. & Dohrenwend. S. (1969). Social Status and Psychological Disorder: A Causal Inquiry.

For a more recent discus- Silverman (1985). 4) other than it be Certainly one restriction which might be imposed on the solution is that it be convex. We have found the algorithm of section 2 to be quite effective in obtaining the solution to this restricted PROJECTIONS ON CONVEX SETS problem and we publication. to a are in the of writing up the details for We remark that this restricted problem cannot be reduced finite-dimensional fitting of process 45 this quadratic programming problem and. thus.

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Advances in Order Restricted Statistical Inference: Proceedings of the Symposium on Order Restricted Statistical Inference held in Iowa City, Iowa, September 11–13, 1985 by Richard Dykstra, Tim Robertson, Farrol T. Wright

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