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A handy, pocket-sized consultant to Verdi's AIDA which contains the vital CHARACTERS within the opera, the tale SYNOPSIS, a tale NARRATIVE WITH ONE-BAR song spotlight examples, and an essay offering historical past in regards to the opera and its composer, research, and insightful observation.

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I am your rival! ” And finally, Amneris curses Aida as her detested rival. Aida, in vain, can only plead for mercy and pity. Similarly, the Act IV confrontation between Amneris and Radames contains Aida’s trademark explosions and eruptions of passions. Almost lawyerly, Amneris pleads with Radames to be objective and allow reason to conquer his emotions. Aida Page 31 If he gives up Aida, Amneris will use her power to save his life. Amneris is a woman whose heart beats desperately and ardently for Radames’s love.

Below, Radames despairs in his sealed tomb, and above, in the temple, Amneris sobs on the stone that has been sealed. In ancient Egypt, life on earth was closely tied to death; earthly life was only a passage to the afterlife, and heaven was a blessed welcome. Verdi’s soft, almost transcendent musical language portrays that spiritual ideal. He consciously strove to portray Aida’s final moments as a mellow farewell to life on earth—serene, simple, and poignant. Aida has hidden herself in the crypt in order to die with Radames.

The grand old man of Italian opera had given the world a masterpiece in Aida, an opera that in every conceivable respect transcends the best works of his predecessors Rossini, Donizetti, and Bellini. It is a work with opulent musical color, gorgeous orchestral instrumentation, and melodic splendor and beauty in every musical measure. The only Italian opera composer who has rivaled Aida is Verdi himself, who would resurface 15 years later with perhaps the ultimate music drama, Otello, and later with Falstaff—the great Italian master’s reconciliation with the evolution of the operatic art form; the Italian music of the future.

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