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In the last case, the following strategy was used: - if a vertex becomes active or violating for the first time it is added at the top of the STACK, and if a vertex that has been active before, becomes active again it is added at the end of the QUEUE. As an alternative to the above list-search techniques, in the - highest-first selection rule the active or violating vertex with the highest d-value is chosen. Due to Derigs & Meier (1989), the corresponding variant of the 32 CHAPTER 2 Goldberg-algorithm is of complexity o(n 3 ) .

MINIMUM-COST FLOW PROBLEMS 53 One of the main reasons of the efficiency of the network simplex method is the way to represent the basic solutions . There are different possibilities to do this. We describe one such tree representation in more detail and consider the tree as "hanging" from a special vertex, the root. Then we use three functions defined on V: - The predecessor function pred(i) gives for each i € V the first vertex in the unique path connecting i and the root: pred(i) := { j if (j, i) 0 i f i is the root of the tree.

That a given E-optimal flow x is not 0optimal. 2. it follows the existence of a cycle L in R(X) with negative costs c(L) < O. By the definition of E - optimality and using n'E < 1 implies c(L) ~ ~ (i,j)EL+ (t(i,j)-E) + ~ (i,j)EL- (-t(i,j)-E) ~ ~ Since (i,j)EL charij(L) ·t(i,j) - n'E > 0 - 1. the costs are integers, the cost of the cycle must be at o. least • procedure SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATION begin compute a feasible flow x E X for all i E V do p(i) := 0 E : = max (c (i, j): (i, j) E A} repeat begin E := E/2 [XE,PE] := REFINE[x2E,P2E,E] end until end E < l/n The algorithm SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATION of Goldberg & Tarjan (1987) starts by finding an approximate solution with E = max (abs(c(i,j»: (i,j) E A).

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