New PDF release: An illustrated dictionary of the gods and symbols of Ancient

By Mary Ellen Miller

ISBN-10: 0500279284

ISBN-13: 9780500279281

Мифы, верования и культура древней Мезоамерики (майя, ацтеки, тольтеки)

»The Gods and emblems of old Mexico and the Maya» is the first-ever English-language dictionary
of Mesoamerican mythology and faith. approximately three hundred entries, from accession to yoke, describe the most gods
and symbols of the Olmecs, Zapotecs, Maya, Teotihuacanos, Mixtecs, Toltecs, and Aztecs.
Topics variety from jaguar and jester gods to reptile eye and rubber, from production money owed and sacred locations
to ritual practices reminiscent of bloodletting, confession, dance, and pilgrimage.

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C le a rly , the lo t o f the fe m a le child is less e n v ia b le , as she is supplied only w ith the d re a ry tools fo r sw eeping and spinning cotton. bats As a n octurnal c re a tu re , th e b a t is com ­ m only id en tiB ed w ith th e forces o f d ea th and darkness in M eso am erican thought. T h e beh avior o f the vam p ire b a t also c o n trib u ted to the association o f bats w ith D E A T H and bloody S A C R IF IC E , and th e M a y a m ay w e ll have been a w are th a t the v a m p ire b a t does not suck the B L O O D o f its victim s b u t m akes an incision and then laps the blood.

T h e Aztecs called this p la n t fa m ily A u a l/i, and id e n tifie d some I I specific varie ties . L ik e m any o th e r foodstuffs, am aran th was tre a te d w ith reveren ce, b u t it was especially im p o rta n t fo r the seeds w e re m ixed w ith hum an B L O O D , fo rm in g a dough called tzoa/A, and then shaped in to figures and w orshipped. D u rin g th e m onth o f P anq u e tza liztli, such dough figures w e re set high atop the jrccoV//, a ritu a l tre e , and th e n subse­ q u en tly consum ed by p articip an ts in a ritu a l th a t the Spanish liken ed to C h ris tia n C om m union.

Yphic inscriptions is entirety matched by the attendant iconography, the texts and the pictoria! images conveying different qualities of information. Unlike the specificity of writing, the power of Mesoamerican iconography lies in its subtle ambiguity and ability simultaneously to express different levels of meaning. In a single scene, a richly costumed king can be regarded as a deity impersonator, an actual god, or both. In terms of metaphoric expression, the iconography comes alive. Lightning can appear as a burning serpent, blood as writhing snakes or gouts sprouting sweet dowers, and a mature maize ear as a human head awaiting decapitation from the stalk.

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